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RISE & FOOL The Uprising ep

The Uprising ep is the 1st official release from Guillaume and Violette, a talented French duo called RISE & FOOL.
They developed their funk-oriented sound in recent months remixing tracks from Lana del Rey, Zedd, Alex Metric and Louis La Roche.

The release includes a synth-pop single called Toy Boy and Jail Cell a more dancefloor-oriented track.
The pack also includes 3 different versions of Toy Boy remixed by the hyped french producer LE CRAYON (Kitsunè), the legendary belgian duo THE GLIMMERS (!K7-Fabric-Eskimo) and the german project SAINT PAULI (Tuffem Up!).

Here’s the official video of Toy Boy, by Caio Zini via Funky Panda & Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal:

Early support comes from Don Rimini, Moullinex, Jerry Bouthier, Cassian, Cosmonauts, Sammy Bananas, Taku Takahashi, La Zebra, Ridney, Spiller, Acid Washed & lots of others.