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DV028 / Just Kiddin - Wildlife

DV028 / Just Kiddin - Wildlife

After the great ep Seriously Part 1 & 2 on Finnish label Top Billin Records supported and played by Kissy Sell Out, Russ Chimes, Bag Raiders, Reset!, Lenno, Udachi, Urchins, Ridney and Codes, the UK producers Just Kiddin are come back with a new collaboration with the Italian label La Valigetta.

Wildlife is the result, a 3 hot original tracks ep which also involves 4 great remixersas MALENTE (Fool’s Gold, Defected, Southern Fried, Dim Mak – Germany), PRINCE CLUB (Made to Play, Snatch! – Canada), BIT FUNK (Bargrooves – Usa),KOSMETIQUE (Stardust Records – Latvia)

a special FREE DOWNLOADABLE [320 kbps] Remix by TAGTEAM TERROR(Mental Groove – Germany) on

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Tracks are receiving early support by Russ Chimes, Sammy Bananas, Gigamesh, Drop Out Orchestra, Xinobi, A.n.d.y., Reset!, Justin Faust, Taku Takahashi, Go Go Bizkitt!, HeavyFeet, BlazeTripp, Lars Moston, Aniki, La Zebra, Saint Pauli, Slap in the Bass and lots of others.