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DV032 / TJH87 - Break Away Kicks!

DV032 / TJH87 - Break Away Kicks!

We’re proud to announce the release of Break Away Kicks!, the new single fromTJH87, after the super act Woo Chicks & Disco Wobblez ep

It presents five high energy tracks resembling electro pioneers such as Daft Punk andJustice.
On remix duty TJH87 recruited DIGIKID84 (Folistar/ Because – Fr), WAFA (Atlantic Jaxx / Grizzly – Uk) and STEREOCOOL (Champagne Records – Ita) to create three very different edits, one more laid back after hours track and others a more bass focused jittery affair.

Tracks are receiving early support by Luciano, BBC Radio, Treasure Fingers, Drop Out Orchestra, Human Life, Taku Takahashi, Ridney, LBCK, TobTok, Spiller, Rise & Fool and lots of others are coming…

The single is also climbing charts worldwide: #1 on iTunes Dance Chart (Finland) andBeatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco top100