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DV067 / Wemen - Everything You Kill Is Beautiful

DV067 / Wemen - Everything You Kill Is Beautiful

“Everything You Kill Is Beautiful” is the second album by Milan-based four-piece band Wemen. It follows up the debut Albanian Paisley Underground (Black Candy Records) and Stay Young EP (Wiener Records) and shows a band that still gets triggered on exploring faraway music lands to bring them down on their own rehearsal room.

The album is a shining piece of pop music. 
Really catchy songs like “Contagious Kiss” or “Waiting For The Rain” get along well with ballads full of pathos – the title-track or “Good To Be Alive”, enriched by the beautiful voice of Lucia Manca – and funk-contaminated gems like “Speaking Sun” or “Walk Fast”, where Paris-based Mordecai creates magic with his Cumbus Saz.

Produced and mastered by italian future-vintage funk maestro Jolly Mare (Bastard Jazz Records) in the beautiful land of Puglia, south of Italy, “Everything You Kill Is Beautiful” is an ode to diversity and life fully lived, a call for unity in times of non declared war, the last chapter of a musical novel written by four guys who have now become men. We-men.