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DV069 / dellacasa maldive - genova

DV069 / dellacasa maldive - genova

dellacasa maldive is the music of Riccardo Dellacasa, recorded with Edoardo Castroni during a home-session between Rome and Milan. 

The songs are the result of a night talking session with a guy called Davide met by Riccardo in Genova at the end of the last summer: he talked to Riccardo about his travels around the world, from sea and coasts to cities.
Davide said goodbye to Riccardo with: “Have you ever been to Maldives?”

genova is the first single.
here the Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal prèmiere.

produced by Gianluigi Fazio and played with Davide Povolo and Dario Canepa.