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DV074 / Loveskills - What about us

The Brooklynite producer’s Pure ep is an adventure in electronic-pop that, in keeping with the single, wriggles out of any sort of convention.
— THUMP (Vice)

DV074 / Loveskills - What about us

Loveskills is a Brooklyn-based song designer that creates unique styles of music with the magic to bring people closer. With a heavy appetite for DJ friendly sounds in electronica, modern R&B and indie radio alike, delivers a new pop music landscape.
Served with innovative rhythms, colorful chords evoke cultural nostalgia while Loveskills' signature hushed tone tenderly affects the listener like the intimate voice of a loved one.
Loveskills' critically-acclaimed debut EP, Multiplicity rose to the top of the charts on College radio stations across the US in 2015 followed by Pure, nominated for Best Urban ep at the Independent Music Awards.

With Spitzer’s knack for emotive melodies and nasty grooves, Nite Club proves that drum machines can indeed have some soul.
— URB.
Magical! churning out intelligent electronic compositions