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DV077 / Joshua Cattel - ア尺ひ尺ノイの

DV077 / Joshua Cattel - ア尺ひ尺ノイの

ア尺ひ尺ノイの is the 2nd single of Joshua Cattel, Italian new pop songwriter.
His music is a trip between hacked plugins and romantic lyrics.
His sound is melodic and lo-fi, while his aesthetics is between new melodic trap and 00's rock.
“ア尺ひ尺ノイの means itch, I wrote this song in autumn 2018, a season that changed me. This song represents for me the transformation of that itch into goosebumps”.

the artwork is created by the talented artist Francesco Vullo, the videoclip is animated by the super creative illustrator Finnano Fenno.
Click here to premiere the video on Rolling Stone: