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DV026 / Quakers & Mormons - Funeralistic

DV026 / Quakers & Mormons - Funeralistic

FUNERALISTIC (La Valigetta / Anemic Dracula) is the second full lenght of duetQUAKERS & MORMONS, the Experimental Hip-Hop project of Maolo and Mancho (also known for My awesome mixtape), produced by Riccardo Gamondi aka Rico (Uochi Toki).

Following the path started with EVOLVOTRON and the Single New York Town (and the remixed releases Evolvotron remixed pt.1 & Evolvotron remixed pt.2 that includes producers like The C90s, Xinobi, Lenno, Just Kiddin, Death in Plains, Casa del Mirto and more), this new album has the same dark tones with some evolutions: all the samples, while still deconstructed and built anew by the skillful hands of Rico (Uochi Toki), are somehow more orchestrated: strings, flutes, brasses, piano, arabesque or mystic tunes weirdly mix with power electronics, dubstep and drum ‘n bass hints, all layering heavy and thick on a sheet of lyrics dealing with death (from the very moment before exhaling the last breath to the burial), expressed through extremely pop, obsessive and ritual-esque choruses struggling with harsh, ragind and fast verses.

FUNERALISTIC is incredibly intense, deep and sincere, but not really easy at first contact: it will require you some listenings to absorb it, but it will definitely be worth the time spent.

After the whole hi-quality (320kbps)  FREE DOWNLOAD on our Facebook page FUNERALISTIC is availabe in all main digital stores.

Click here to stream the 1st enjoyable single Parting And Weeping via Soundcloud: