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DV055 / Novamerica - Music is the Answer

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DV055 / Novamerica - Music is the Answer

Novamerica it isn’t a band, it’s a country where an ex-DJ and producer of electronic music found shelter.

It's an artistic project where ambitious musical influences fuse together: from Beck's Sea Change to Lucio Battisti's Anima Latina to Dave Friedman's music productions (MGMT, Tame Impala, Flaming Lips).

The self titled album, Novamerica has been composed on an old piano belonging to the artist's grandfather and then beautifully rearranged in the studio to create an elegant and ethereal pop sound.
The album's genesis comes from a period of crisis that the artist went through, eventually leading him to personal change and the creation of Novamerica: the imaginary country where restarting your life means to once again find your real self.

Music is the Answer is the first single and anticipates the album out on february 26th 2016.