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DV058 / Novamerica - Novamerica

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DV058 / Novamerica - Novamerica

Novamerica is a musical project born from the will of a former electronic music
producer of expressing himself musically in a deep and intimate way. He has
made a wide cross musical journey over the years starting with the jazz piano
and later becoming a dj/producer and finally a songwriter.

The namesake album Novamerica is the first official release of this artist, 
composed with an old upright piano, re-arranged in studio with great attention to
pursue a pop sound that is complete, elegant and ethereal.

The album blends together the musical influences of the mid 70's Lucio Battisti, 
the contemporary rock of The Strokes and Beck’s "Sea Change", going through
the sounds of Dave Fridmann (MGMT, Tame Impala, Flaming Lips).

Rockit added the album as #13 on Best albums of 2016 chart and and Music is the Answer as #8 on Best songs of 2016 

Music is the Answer is the first single and received the likes of Ed Banger Records