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DV065 / IISO - Skip September vol. 2

DV065 / IISO - Skip September vol. 2

IISO are back.
After the lucky debut ep, with remixes from the Luxembourg based producer Sun Glitters and the Italian talented duo M+A and an awarded videoclip handpicked by Vimeo as Staff Pick the duo that shapes music, turning it into images is back with a new release.

Skip September vol. 2 is out now with remixes by Godblesscomputers (La Tempesta) and Joao Ceser (Cocoon / Angle records).

Skip September has been shared in the Spotify official 'Chill Tracks' playlist, collecting more than 250.000 plays.

The new cube A/V live set, with visual artists Studio Antimateria, was premiered in two of the main Italian independent festivals (Spring Attitude festival - Rome & MI AMI festival - Milan).